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our company is one-stop surgical instruments online store. the high-skilled manufacturers backed up by 20 years of experience are committed to crafting a wide range of medical devices. they are used for general operative procedures and more specialized manipulations. the products of new-med instruments can be beneficial for plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, neurological and orthopedic surgeons. we are known to meet the requirements of the leading healthcare institutions, hospitals, and clinics, providing the high-quality surgical instruments at a fair price.

Medical Instruments Offered by the Store

we sell the instrumentation for the following areas of surgery:

  • Plastic surgery. The primary aim of these procedures is to restore and alter a missing or damaged part of the body. With our products, the surgeons can perform the most challenging reconstructive techniques with precision and accuracy. This category includes a broad assortment of rhinoplasty, breast and electrosurgery devices. At the store, you can buy the following surgical instruments online: face lift scissors, needle holders, hemostats holders and clamps, chisels, knives, handles, and maxillofacial items. Also, you are offered to order a variety of sets made of German stainless steel for rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and breast surgery.
  • Liposuction. The intended cannulas are perfect to slim and reshape a certain area of the body, improving contours and proportions. We manufacture standard, reusable fixed handle, and fat injection cannulas. There is a number of liposuction accessories and sets available in stock.

  • General surgery. Neurosurgery instruments comprise brain spatulas, dura dissectors, laminectomy punches, retractors and other sets of devices. Gynecology category includes uterine sounds and depressors of all types and sizes, speculums, dilators, curettes. It is possible to find the otoscopes (mini fiber optic, standard, veterinary), ophthalmoscopes, and dermatoscopes. If you are looking for the diagnostic instruments, we are ready to offer tuning forks, reflex hammers, tongue depressor holders, Magill forceps made of German stainless steel.
  • ENT. There is a complete range of instruments that serve the needs of otolaryngology. Browse and order the devices for otology, sinuscopy and tonsillectomy procedures. Additionally, New-Med Instruments has the advanced ENT sets available at the most reasonable prices on the market (from $220 to $1360).

if you are going to perform excellent and precise results in the operating theater, you need to buy medical instruments online at our store. we guarantee an exceptional quality, payment protection, customer service 24/7, fail-safe and fast delivery. don't miss special offers and sales by new-med instruments.

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